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Sampling Methods and Statistics

Presentation Sampling might be characterized as the way toward choosing a fitting portrayal of a populace to accomplish data in regards to the general populace. An examining appropriation might be characterized as a likelihood dissemination of every single imaginable mean of a given size chose from a populace. An example must be unprejudiced and agent for precise results.Advertising We will compose a custom contextual analysis test on Sampling Methods and Statistics explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Sampling techniques might be comprehensively classified into likelihood and non-likelihood strategies. Likelihood inspecting bolsters that components to be remembered for the example have a non-zero (and known) possibility. They incorporate arbitrary, deliberate and delineated inspecting. In non-likelihood inspecting, populace components are chosen in a non-irregular way with the end goal that components don't have a known possibility of being chosen. They incorporate judgemental, comfort, standard and snowball testing. Likelihood Sampling strategies Random examining happens when every component in the populace has an equivalent possibility of being chosen to shape some portion of the example and determination depends on possibility. Defined examining happens where the populace is separated into bunches guaranteeing that components inside each gathering are as comparative as could reasonably be expected. This procedure is called definition and the gatherings framed are called layers. Methodical inspecting is utilized for quality control testing. For this situation, an example component is enrolled as an individual from the example on the off chance that it falls under the kth component. For instance, for a populace of 500, each tenth, twentieth or fiftieth component will be incorporated. Non-likelihood testing In judgemental inspecting the scientist chooses whom to incorporate as the example component with the conviction that their perspectives are key for the investigation. For accommodation testing, determination of components is done based on comfort which might be time, cost or area. In portion testing the analyst at first distinguishes the layers inside the populace. Subsequent to characterizing the layers, the analyst utilizes comfort or critical examining to remember components for the example. Snowball testing utilizes referrals made by respondents which might be utilized by the specialist as a major aspect of the sample.Advertising Looking for contextual analysis on math insights? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Sampling dispersions Sampling circulations think about the laws of likelihood. For instance, a babysitter has 5 youngsters under her watch. Kid (x) Age (Years) 1 2 4 3 6 4 8 5 10 These five kids structure the whole populace for example n=5. Thusly the populace mean is determined by: Hence,  µ= (2+4+6+8+10)/5= 6 years. The standard deviation of the populace is given by: (X- µ)2 X  µ (X- µ)2 2 6 16 4 6 4 6 0 8 6 4 10 6 16 Advertising We will compose a custom contextual analysis test on Sampling Methods and Statistics explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More = 40 Therefore ÏÆ' = =2.83 Years Taking all the conceivable irregular examples of size 2, we will get 10 potential such examples. Components Values Sample Mean (X1, X2) (2,4) á ºâ€¹ 1=3 (X1, X3) (2,6) á ºâ€¹2=4 (X1, X4) (2,8) á ºâ€¹3=5 (X1, X5) (2,10) á ºâ€¹4=6 (X2, X3) (4,6) á ºâ€¹5=5 (X2, X4) (4,8) á ºâ€¹6=6 (X2, X5) (4,10) á ºâ€¹7=7 (X3, X4) (6,8) á ºâ€¹8=7 (X3, X5) (6,10) á ºâ€¹9=8 (X4, X5) (8,10) á ºâ€¹10=9 The amazing mean of these examples is given by: (3+4+5+6+†¦.+8+9) à ·10= 6 yearsAdvertising Searching for contextual investigation on math measurements? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More The examining circulation of the methods for the ages is organized beneath and has two unsurprising examples. The examining conveyance gives an imply that is like the populace mean. Inspecting Means (á ºâ€¹) Probability P(á ºâ€¹) 3 0.1 4 0.1 5 0.2 6 0.2 7 0.2 8 0.1 9 0.1 E(á ºâ€¹)= 3(0.1)+4(0.1)+5(0.2)+6(0.2)+7(0.2)+8(0.1)+9(0.1)= 6 years The state of the testing dissemination is ringer formed in any event, when the populace isn't ordinarily dispersed given the example is sensibly adequate. This property prompts as far as possible hypothesis which expresses that paying little heed to the state of the circulation of the populace, the appropriation of the example mean methodologies the typical likelihood conveyance as the example size increments. Standard blunder of the mean This is a proportion of scattering of the dispersion of the example implies and is comparable in idea to the standard deviation in a recurrence conveyance. It quantifies the possible deviation of an example mean from the fabulous mean of the testing circulation. From the case of the five kids, taking the example implies, we can ascertain ÏÆ' á ºâ€¹ as: ÏÆ' á ºâ€¹ = where N is the quantity of test implies. Consequently 2 is the standard mistake of mean. This worth will consistently be not exactly ÏÆ'. The connection among ÏÆ' and ÏÆ' á ºâ€¹ is demonstrated beneath. ÏÆ' á ºâ€¹ = Standard ordinary circulation Taking understudies with a mean  µ of 120 and a standard deviation ÏÆ' of 10, we can ascertain the likelihood of any understudy picked aimlessly with scores somewhere in the range of 120 and 125. z= (á ºâ€¹ † µ)/ÏÆ' (125-120)ã ·10=0.5 The zone of z = 0.5 from z tables is 0.1915 importance there is a 19.15% possibility that an understudy picked indiscriminately will have scores somewhere in the range of 120 and 125. Assuming that an irregular example of 25 understudies is picked, to discover the likelihood that the mean example will be somewhere in the range of 120 and 125: This demonstrates the normalized ordinary dispersion of the methods. The region for z= 2.5 is 0.4938 demonstrating this is the likelihood that the example mean will fall somewhere in the range of 120 and 125. All in all, examining is utilized to give a general vibe of the populace from which the analyst can make factual deductions. Inspecting appropriations show the properties of the populace regarding how the information components identify with one another. Exact estimation relies upon representativeness of the example just as degree of fluctuation in the populace. This contextual investigation on Sampling Methods and Statistics was composed and put together by client Jaxen Rose to help you with your own investigations. You are allowed to utilize it for exploration and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; be that as it may, you should refer to it appropriately. You can give your paper here.

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MANAGING PEOPLE AND PERFORMANCE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Overseeing PEOPLE AND PERFORMANCE - Essay Example At the point when we talk about assorted variety, it is generally implied like characterized above individuals having a place with various societies, etc. Decent variety incorporates characteristics and capacities that are diverse for each person and when they get together in one association, they carry with them their contemplations, skill, conclusions, etc which are not quite the same as our own. Associations are comprised of people as well as are comprised of groups and gatherings. They cooperate to accomplish one basic hierarchical objective regardless of their assorted contrasts as referenced previously. To oversee such immense working environment assorted variety is the principle worry of the administrators today. All the individuals in the association are required to cooperate in harmony and concordance with the goal that authoritative objectives could be figured it out. HR Managers have an obligation to think of various procedures to deal with the workforce decent variety to improve working environment profitability. Assorted variety is a significant resource of any association. This is in such a case that various individuals are cooperating, they can make new thoughts and items that could bring about upper hand for any organization. The key action of the HR chiefs doesn't just incorporate how to deal with the assorted workforce. It additionally incorporates how to oversee work/life balance and giving assorted variety preparing. Taking a gander at the past it tends to be seen that workforce has changed altogether. An ever increasing number of ladies have entered the hierarchical world and record for practically half of the workforce. (Foot and Hook) To provide food the necessities of the worklife balance particularly for the ladies with subordinate kids, adaptable working hours are presently part of the arrangements of Employment Act (2002). The work/life balance was issue for the ladies as well as for he men who thought that it was difficult to deal with their own obligations in view of overwhelming remaining burdens. (Robbins and Sanghi. Pg 509). Today, directors have established various systems to give work/life balance for all the representatives.

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Whats Worse An Overdraft Fee or A Payday Loan

Whats Worse An Overdraft Fee or A Payday Loan Whats Worse: An Overdraft Fee or A Payday Loan?Youd think that a payday loan would be much more treacherous than a service offered by your bank, right? The answer may surprise you.Maybe your car broke down and you need to pay for a tow, or that loan payment went through before you could pick up groceries for the week. Whatever the issue, youre short on cash.  So what  do you do when you need to buy something now, and the money in your bank account just isnt enough?Should you take out a payday loan?If youre a regular reader of this blog, youll know all about the dangers of using a payday loan in a situation like this.  Having bad credit often means more mainstream credit avenues, like credit cards, are unattainable, and as a  result, many Americans with poor or no credit must turn to predatory storefront lenders offering fast cash with astoundingly high interest rates.If you take  out a payday loan in a pinch, then find yourself unable to pay it back on time, youre more than likely he aded for an expensive and vicious cycle of debt, which could take monthsâ€"or even yearsâ€"to get out of.Knowing all of that, its probably best to look for other optionsâ€"just make sure those other options arent even worse than a predatory payday loan.Case in point: the dreaded overdraft fee.  At its core, an overdraft fee is like a cash advance from your bank. If you use your debit card to buy a $3 candy bar, but you only have $1.50 in your checking account, your bank will lend you the extra $1.50 to make sure the purchase goes through.  Isnt that nice of them?Exceptâ€"oh waitâ€"theyll also charge you dearly for that $1.50 loan, typically an average of $35 per overdraft.As we reported on Inside Subprime a few months ago, a study from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently found that people who make more than 10 overdrafts on their checking accounts every month are more likely to have subprime credit scores.And that makes sense when you calculate just how much ove rdrafting costs. Make one $0.80 overdraft?  Congrats! Your new  account  balance is -$35.80. Make another one for $1? Now youll need to deposit more than $71.80 in order to get your account back in the black.That CFPB study also found that the majority of debit card overdraft fees were incurred on transactions of $24 and less, most of which are repaid within three days.Put in lending terms, if a consumer borrowed $24 for three days and paid the median overdraft fee of $34, such a loan would carry a 17,000 percent annual percentage rate (APR), they wrote in their report.So whats the verdict?While the average payday loan might offer terms as high as 300 percent APR, that seems almost tame when compared to the insane rates you’ll pay for overdrafting. Keep in mind, banks make millions of dollars off this every year.To add insult to injury, banks often trick customers into signing up for this “service”   by calling it “overdraft protection,” which seems like it should mean “ protection FROM overdraft,” right? Unfortunately, opting in to overdraft protection actually means you’re allowing the bank to lend you money at these crazy-high interest rates.“Those who have opted in typically incur 22 overdrafts per year, compared to 18 for those not opted inâ€"not a very large gap,” said former CFPB director Richard Corday in a press call last summer.  â€œBut the difference in costs can be huge: frequent overdrafters who have opted in are typically charged 18 fees a year, compared to only 5 for those not opted in. With a fee of $34 per event, this amounts to almost $450 more in overdraft fees each year.”In short, while a payday loan is always a bad idea, racking up overdraft fees might be even worse.Lucky for you, there are better options. When an emergency expense hits you, it can feel like the world is caving in around you. And that’s exactly what predatory lenders who offer no credit check loans are counting on. They want you to think that borrowi ng from them is your only option.But here’s the thing: you don’t have to settle for a shady storefront lender in your time of need. In fact, there are ways you can get a bad credit loan from a responsible lender quickly, and without even leaving your couch. There are reputable online lenders offering  installment loans with longer terms with reasonable interest rates that won’t leave you digging for change in your couch cushions.And remember, when evaluating potential lenders, always check their Google reviews and BBB ratings. Be on the lookout for predators and instead work only with reputable companies who report your on-time payments to the credit bureaus. That can help boost your score and move you out of the world of bad credit loans and into more traditional lending products.To learn more about living with bad credit, check out these related posts and articles from OppLoans:If You Have Bad Credit, Should You Buy or Lease a Car?How to Get an Apartment With Bad CreditShoul d Bad Credit be a Dating Dealbreaker?Whats been your experience with overdraft fees? We want to hear from you!  You can  email us  or you can find us on  Facebook  and  Twitter.Visit OppLoans on  YouTube  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  LinkedIN

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Business Ethics Essay - 2406 Words

A business is not one that lives in isolation; it can be an integral part in a community’s success or demise and has social responsibilities to; the community, stakeholders, and anyone who may be affected by a company’s actions. Corporate social responsibility is a term that is never used lightly and is a key role in the development of a successful and morally healthy business. â€Å"The objectives of a corporation are to outperform its competitors, presumably through preferred competitive strategies† (Joseph Heath 123). There are three main models by; Freeman, Friedman and Heath discussing corporate social responsibilities and all have distinct differences between their moral obligations, and the way they perceive business should be ran in a†¦show more content†¦Friedman’s argument that a companies only social responsibility is to make money is extremely flawed and immoral. Most people would agree that the main goal of a company is to turn a pro fit, and to be sustainable, this Friedman is correct in saying. Where he starts to be mislead is when he does not think that there are any social obligations of a company. Friedman says that businesses must â€Å"increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game† (Milton Friedman 65). What are the rules of the game, many would say it is the law, correct? Would child labour be considered within the rules of the game for a North American based company? Most people would agree that child and slave labour is wrong and against the law for these companies. What if child and slave labour was used in a different country? If a company had product made in a foreign country and imported back to North America, this would be okay because it is legal in the manufacturing countries? This is something that Friedman overlooked when coming up with his argument, saying that you must stay within the rules. This situation would be considered in the rules but is it morally and ethically correct? They are maximizing profit, but are supporting slave labour and also moving North American jobs into other countries. An executive must have the power to intervene in this situationShow MoreRelatedBusiness Ethics Essay3440 Words   |  14 PagesThe Moral Compass essay Ethics relates to given principles that govern behavior and conduct of a human being. Business ethics on the other hand is the code of a conduct that a company or an organization abides to in the day to day operations with the public (Conjecture Corporation, 2011). Making profits and high volume sales should not be the only goal of a business, a good reputation to the public is also very important for the survival of a company. This has led to companies formulating theirRead MoreEssay Business Ethics1686 Words   |  7 PagesThe stockholder and stakeholder theories are two popular frameworks used to examine the purpose of business and its ethical obligations. With reference to the quote above, both theories seem rational and enjoy strong support. However, a common failing of both is typically how humans interpret and implement the theories in contemporary business environments. For instance, Enron was so focused on the raising the price of their stock that they â€Å"cooked the boo ks to produce fake profits†1. This paperRead More Business Ethics Essay1171 Words   |  5 Pages In today’s global society, a Code of Ethics policy is used to label established, acceptable behaviors among that industry’s business associates, potential investors, and the corporation’s executive officers and employees, and most important, the consumer (Ethics Resource Center, 2003). In an attempt to promote an increased efficiency and productivity potential level, among employees and prospective clients, a corporation’s standard Code of Ethics should guide its members toward a more in-depthRead More Business Ethics Essay1591 Words   |  7 PagesAccording to Wikipedia, ethics, also known as â€Å"moral philosophy†, is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality. Concepts such as good and bad, noble, right and wrong, justice and virtue. To business, ethics is a tool to examine principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. Therefore, business ethics can be both a normative and a descriptive disc ipline. Ethics is a part of the larger social ethics, and also always affect business development. In otherRead More Business Ethics Essay949 Words   |  4 PagesBusiness Ethics Business ethics is a multifaceted field that cannot be defined with a single definition. This area addresses numerous issues, problems, and dilemmas within the management of businesses. It does this through numerous perspectives and methods. Of course, in order to present the complexities of business ethics, we must explore the types of issues that business professionals are confronted with all the time. Business ethics not only portray to humans, but also to how businesses treatRead MoreEssay on Business Ethics779 Words   |  4 PagesKristine Martin Business Ethics Unit 3 Case Summary -China, India, and Wal-Mart: Issues of Price, Quality, and Sourcing:: Case Questions: 1. What are the ethical issues associated with Wal-Mart’s extensive sourcing of low-cost products from China? Wal-Mart pricing is too low. As the worlds largest retailer, Wal-Mart leverages its huge orders to convince factories to sell goods at low prices that are not sustainable. This puts pressure on other brands to pay less, thereby settingRead MoreEssay Business Ethics624 Words   |  3 PagesBusiness ethics is the behavior that a business adheres to in its daily dealings with the world. The ethics of a particular business can be diverse. They apply not only to how the business interacts with the world at large, but also to their one-on-one dealings with a single customer. Examples: What would you do? • You are in a head-to-head battle with your arch competitor, Evil Enterprises. One of your co-workers approaches you. He has recently joined your company after having worked for a secondRead More Business Ethics Essay1618 Words   |  7 PagesBusiness Ethics Business ethics is a diverse field that cannot be defined with a single definition. This area addresses numerous issues, problems, and dilemmas within the management of businesses. Does this through numerous perspectives and methods. Of course, in order to present the complexities of business ethics, we must explore the types of issues that business professionals are continuously confronted with. To understand one must know the definition of corporate ethics as wellRead MoreEssay on Business Ethics1066 Words   |  5 PagesBusiness Ethics The statement has been made that ethics has no place in business and the implications of this statement and its inferring characteristics provide a complex issue in the operation of national and multinational corporations. Because ethical decision making is often not as profitable as choices that do not embrace ethical elements, the perspective has emerged that the nature of an effective business mindset inherently brings about unethical behavior. In order to considerRead MoreBusiness Ethics Essay944 Words   |  4 PagesUnderstanding Business Ethics Unit 37: National Diploma Assignment brief TASK 1: Scenario: Business ethics - a study of a selected company With growing interest among consumers regarding the business ethics of the businesses brands that consumers buy, Westminster council wants to conduct an independent review of some of the organisations that sell their goods and services in the borough. You have been asked to select one of the following brands and conduct research into their business ethics.

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Tiresias in Ovids Metamorphoses

Tiresias was a mythological blind seer who plays a significant role in Greek tragedy involving the House of Thebes. Shakespeares comedy Midsummer Nights Dream, Boccaccios Decameron, Chaucers Canterbury Tales, the Thousand and One Arabian Nights, and Ovids Metamorphoses are among the most famous collections of stories in which one story surrounds another. The outer stories provide little more than a framework or rationale for the more interesting, frequently bawdy, shenanigans within. The frame of Ovids Metamorphoses is a history of events from the days of creation to Ovids present, but with a twist: All stories told must involve physical transformations (metamorphoses). Verifiably historical figures are limited to the emperors Julius and Augustus whose transformations are from mortals to gods. Other transformed figures come from Greco-Roman myth and legend. The House of Thebes Book Three of Ovids Metamorphoses relates the story of the House of Thebes but not in a straightforward chronological manner. Instead, there are digressions and inset stories. Members of the House of Thebes include: Cadmus: Cadmus created the sown men (Spartans) by sowing dragons teeth. He is the founder of Thebes.Oedipus: An oracle warned Oedipus parents that their baby would grow up to murder his father and marry his mother. The parents thought they had had their baby killed, but he was saved and lived to carry out the prophecy.Dionysus: Dionysus was a god who made mortals see things other than as they really were. In this way he caused one of his unbelievers to be torn apart by his own mother.Semele: Semele was the mother of Dionysus, but when she asked Zeus, her mate, to reveal himself in his full glory, it was too much for her and she burned up. Zeus snatched the unborn Dionysus and sewed him into his thigh. The Story of Tiresias One of the important peripheral figures in the House of Thebes legends is the blind seer Tiresias, whose  story, Ovid is introduced in Metamorphoses Book Three. Tiresias tale of woe and transformation began when he separated two mating snakes for no apparent reason. Instead of poisoning Tiresias with indignant viper venom, the snakes magically transformed him into a woman. Tiresias  wasnt too happy with their new transgendered metamorphoses  but lived as a woman for seven years before figuring out a technique that would either kill her or reverse the operation. Since striking the snakes had worked before, she tried it again. It worked, and he became a man again, but unfortunately, his life story came to the attention of two of the most contentious of the Olympians, Juno (Hera for the Greeks) and her husband Jupiter (Zeus for the Greeks). A Womans Pleasure Juno claimed she was doing little more than servicing Jupiter, while Jupiter claimed he wasnt getting enough bang for his buck, so to speak. Like a bolt of lightning, inspiration hit the thunder god. He would consult the one person who could resolve their argument. Only Tiresias knew both sides of the coupling argument. Tiresias didnt have much choice this time. He had to answer. Jupiter was right, he said. The pleasure woman derives from sex is greater. Juno was outraged. In her anger, she made the man blind, but Jupiter, gratified, rewarded Tiresias with the power of seeing the future. Other Legends of Tiresias Tiresias appears in the Oedipus legends and dramas, including Euripides Bacchae, and in Odysseus underworld adventure, but in Ovids Metamorphoses, he shares his gift in two additional, transformational stories, those of Narcissus and Echo, and Bacchus and Pentheus.

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Essay about Marijuana as a Social Problem - 1098 Words

Marijuana as a Social Problem Introduction Marijuana is a green, brown, or gray mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of the hemp plant. You may hear marijuana called by street names such as pot, herb, weed, grass, boom, Mary Jane, gangster, or chronic. There are more than 200 slang terms for marijuana. All forms of marijuana are mind-altering. In other words, they change how the brain works. They all contain THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the main active chemical in marijuana. They also contain more than 400 other chemicals. Marijuanas effects on the user depend on the strength or potency of the THC it contains. The potency of marijuana has increased since the 1970s but has been about the same since the†¦show more content†¦The cannabis sativa plant, whose dried flower extracts can form potent recreational marijuana, was in great demand because of its long fibers which could be used for the production of clothing, ropes, and sails. In fact, The Assembly of Jamestown Colony, Virginia, pas sed legislation in 1619 making it compulsory for every farmer to grow the Indian hempseed – ironically America’s first marijuana law. Other colonial states like Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania allowed hemp to be exchanged as legal tender and could even be used to pay taxes. The plant was an essential requirement during war times and farmers would be jailed if they were not able to produce enough hemp. Men who Americans hold in great reverence grew and encouraged the growth of hemp. George Washington grew hemp as his primary crop in the late 18th century for fiber production at Mount Vernon. Thomas Jefferson grew the plant as a secondary crop at Monticello and urged farmers to grow hemp in place of tobacco due to its many useful qualities. Even Benjamin Franklin used cannabis as the raw material to start one of America’s pioneering paper mills. By the mid-19th century, marijuana’s medicinal properties were recognized in North America and it was used as a popular ingredient in many medicinal products. The United States Pharmacopeia had marijuana on its list of pharmaceuticals from 1850 until 1942, and many companies like Brothers Smith, Eli Lilly,Show MoreRelatedThe Social Problem Of Legalizing Marijuana Essay1801 Words   |  8 PagesSociology 270 Legalizing Marijuana Jaraiyia Morris The social problem of legalizing marijuana has been an issue for many years. I argue that marijuana should be legalized in all the United States. Through research it has been proven that marijuana can bring benefits to society if it were to be legalized. Benefits include, assistance to those who have health issues, reducing crimes related to drugs, as well as uplifting the economy. Marijuana has caused various issues within the minorityRead MoreMarijuana is a Social Problem Essay example976 Words   |  4 PagesMarijuana is a Social Problem Marijuana is the second most popular drug after alcohol in the country today. So many people smoke marijuana that the numbers alone seem to legitimize and condone its presence in peoples lives. Yet, even in moderation marijuana is not safe. Somehow this information had not filtered down to people who think they are smoking a fairly innocuous drug. Our society perpetuates the myths about pot being a fun, harmless, recreational drug. These myths feed into peoplesRead MoreEssay on Alcohol vs Marijuana1537 Words   |  7 PagesAlcohol vs Marijuana There is no culture in the history of mankind that did not ever use some kind (kinds) of drugs. Despite the well-known consequences of drug addiction, millions of people constantly consume different legal and illegal drugs. Affecting peoples mind and changing their behavior, drugs become one of the most threatening factors of social risk, resulting in increasing rates of mortality, aggressive and criminal behavior, and dissolution of social ties. This paper is devoted toRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1174 Words   |  5 Pagesthese substances, especially the effects of marijuana. Those who do not know enough about drugs generally think that â€Å"marijuana is bad for you† or â€Å"marijuana can kill people†. Although these preconceived notions do not often have scientific data as backup, there have also been multiple studies supporting the claims that marijuana is detrimental to people ´s health. Even though today many people, especially teenagers, do support the legalization of marijuana, this recreational drug is detrimental toRead MorePhysical and Psychological Effects of Marijuana846 Words   |  4 PagesMarijuana while illegal on a federal level has been legalized in 18 states and the District of Columbia for medical use and also for personal use for anyone over 21 in Washington and Colorado. 48% of Americans admit to using marijuana according to a 2013 survey conducted by Scientific America. With the change in public opinion concerning marijuana the need to understand the effect and consequences associated with its use are vitally important. What are the effects on the brain and the rest ofRead MoreThe Legalization Of Medical Marijuana1314 Words   |  6 PagesMarijuana is the most frequently abused illegal substance worldwide. Not only is there no legitimate medical use, it has been tied to physical, mental, and emotional damages. â€Å"Marijuana refers to the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, which contains the psychoactive (mind-altering) chemical delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as well as other related compounds† (National Institute on Drug Abuse). There are many supporters of the legalization of medical marijuanaRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1715 Words   |  7 PagesMarijuana in Society Cannabis, formally known as marijuana is a drug obtained from the tops, stems and leaves of the hemp plant cannabis. The drug is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world. Only substances like caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are used more (â€Å"Marijuana† 1). In the U. S. where some use it to feel â€Å"high† or get an escape from reality. The drug is referred to in many ways; weed, grass, pot, and or reefer are some common names used to describe the drug (â€Å"Marijuana† 1). Like mostRead MoreLegalization Of Marijuan A Controversial Issue Essay1299 Words   |  6 PagesLegalization of Marijuana A controversial issue relating to the legalization of Marijuana has been brought to the attention of the public. Many Americans support the legalization of marijuana for numerous reasons, such as it is a useful aid to alleviate medical ailments and it has a low risk of abuse; nevertheless, others people do not believe that the marijuana should be legalized. When the practical reasoning is involved, however, I believed that the positive impacts of remaining marijuana illegal outweighRead MoreLegalizing The Legalization Of Marijuana1012 Words   |  5 PagesLegalize, control, and discourage is a way to fix the problem. Evident by Colorado and Washington, â€Å"the legalization of marijuana can stop most of these possession arrests† (Levine). After the first opening of the first retail marijuana stores on January 1, 2014, Colorado had decreased crime rates, decreased traffic fatalities and increase in economic output (DPA). Since 2010, the marijuana possession arrest have went d own 84% since its legalization. The tactic of legalizing, controlling, and discouragingRead MoreEssay on The Fight to Legalize Marijuana1043 Words   |  5 PagesLegalize Marijuana Marijuana is probably the most recreational and illegal drug in the world. The most significant ingredient is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinal, it is commonly referred to it abbreviated form THC. This drug should not be legalized because it would lead to hard core drugs, there would be an increase in obesity, and it affects the heart, lungs and the brain. There are legal, social, and medical reasons that marijuana should not be decriminalized. Some legal reasons that marijuana shouldn’t

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a journal on of mice and men Essay Example For Students

a journal on of mice and men Essay Chapter 1The opening sequence of events, which introduces us to George and Lennie indeed gives the impression that the larger Lennie, suffers from some form mental disability. He is the exact antithesis is the character of George, a small man, with sharp features, who seems to be close friend and confidant to Lennie. In addition to this, George also seems to be greatly concerned with Lennies safety and well-being. Furthermore, it seemed to me that the two have had a long-time close companionship, or, that George owes Lennie some type of allegiance, as George seems to have suffered at the expense of Lennie as is evident from the previous job. Chapter 2In this chapter, it became clear to me how difficult the work at the ranch was as previously alluded to by George. The harsh realities that occur at the ranch such as Slim s drowning of the puppies, and the suggestion that Candy should replace his old dog, with a younger one which will be of more use. The character of Slim is also interesting, as he seems to be quite an authoratative figure, despite not being the boss. It is still unclear to me as to where he derives his respect from. In addition to this, the bond between Lennie and George seems to have become closer as a result of Curley. This close relationship between men seems-at least so far- to be a recurring subject. There is no strong female prescence at the ranch, and it seems to be running in fine condition due to the work of all the men. Chapter 3uThis chapter cleared up my earlier questions as to the nature of the friendship of George and Lennie. Their relationship is a result of a long-time friendship, in which George initially teased and bothered Lennie. Georges epiphany however, that ridiculing someone who is weaker is wrong is indeed in conflict with the mentality on the ranch. In where Cndys old dog, although no longer of use in herding sheep, provided a sentimental attachment to the old man, was killed because it was weak. Chapter 4The emerging character of Crooks is quite significant in this Chapter. Much like many of the other characters, Crooks suffers from a deep sense of isolation. This is due however, mostly to the fact that Crooks is an African-American. This was most evident in the scene in which Curleys wife threatens to lynch him. Crooks seems to accept his inferiority, to whites, when he refuses to take part in the George, Lennie, and Candys plans to buy the farm. Chapter 5The most striking thing in this chapter was the development of Curleys wife. It is interesting to note that she is Steinbecks only female character in the novel, and prior to this chapter, she seemed to me to be rather one-dimensional. She was consistently portrayed as merely a sensuous flirt. Her confessions to Lennie, that she in actuality disliked Curley, and once aspired to be a movie star adds a complexity to her character. The death of Curleys wife at the hands of Lennie was to me, quite predictable. George shared this sense of mine, when he initially heard of the murder. Slim, the voice of reason, advises him and George now realizes that he has only 2 options. The most painless would be to do the deed himself. Chapter 6The final chapter again brings an imagery familiar from earlier chapters. My earlier predictions of Lennies impending death were realized. Georges intense feelings or grief I believe are not only a result of the loss of his close friend, but also by the fact that he will never reach his goals and realize his dreams without Lennie. When Lennie was with him , he had a sense of purpose and something that distinguished him from the other workers. However, with Lennie gone, he must now abandon his dreams. I truly enjoyed this novel. Although the characters may have been quite one-dimensional, I believe this was necessary for Steinbeck to characterize the various dangers of the world. Furthermore, the idea of survival of the fittest is indeed quite evident, as the weak prey on the weaker. One instance of this is when Crooks,